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We work with brands to produce scroll stopping social media ads.


Who are Social Natives?

Social Natives a.k.a Digital Natives was a term coined by researcher Marc Prensky in 2001 to describe the first adopters of social media and digital technologies. Digital Natives lives and daily activities are mediated by digital technologies: social interaction, friendships, civic activities, and hobbies. A Digital Native has never known life without social media and digital technologies.


Here’s how we can help your business

You need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. Every interaction between your brand and your customer is an opportunity to develop a relationship. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions, and hello to data-driven engagement and conversion led advertising strategies with Social Natives. We specialise in:

+ Acquisition

Re-engagement: Ads Engagors, Video Viewers, Social Media Engagors.

+ Leads

Prospecting Lookalike: AI Audiences, Category Affinity, Product Affinity, Special Audiences, Social Media Fans, Video Viewers, Leads, Devices persona & Niche Lookalike.

+ Retargeting

Basic Retargeting, Traffic Source, Time Based, Niche Retargeting, Category Affinity & Product Affinity. 

+ Retention

Basic Retention, Email Lists, Post Purchase, Reactivation, Niche Retention, Category Affinity, Product Affinity & Leads.

Want to know more?

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